Business development agency “Invest Nova Scotia” Supports Mezza Lebanese Kitchen's Growth with Innovation Rebate

Invest Nova Scotia, a leading business development agency in Nova Scotia, is instrumental in aiding the expansion of Mezza Lebanese Kitchen through an innovative rebate program.

Mezza Lebanese Kitchen, a subsidiary of Tripoli Holdings Limited in Dartmouth, HRM, has received approval for an innovation rebate, marking a significant achievement in the fiscal year 2023-2024.

With a remarkable growth trajectory spanning the past decade, expanding from 3 to 20 restaurants across the Maritimes and Dubai, Mezza is now embarking on a substantial capital investment of $5,808,864. This investment aims to establish a cutting-edge 15,000 square foot raw food federal processing facility in Dartmouth, focusing on producing proprietary chicken, beef, and vegetable products, along with sauces.

Anticipating improved operational efficiency and productivity through streamlined workflows, Mezza plans to introduce new product lines tailored for various Canadian sectors. Additionally, the company is committed to sustainability efforts by supplying chicken carcasses to pet food suppliers, contributing to waste reduction.

Upon project completion, Mezza is eligible to receive an innovation rebate of up to $1,237,955, based on eligible capital spending totaling $4,951,819. This rebate, representing up to 25% of eligible project costs, underscores Invest Nova Scotia's steadfast dedication to fostering business growth and innovation in Nova Scotia. As a renowned business development agency, Invest Nova Scotia empowers businesses like Mezza Lebanese Kitchen to thrive and succeed in today's competitive landscape. Moreover, by assisting businesses that meet the Canada startup visa requirements, Invest Nova Scotia strengthens its role in facilitating economic growth and innovation in the region.