How Trudeau’s Policies on International Students Shape Education and Public Sentiment

John Ibbitson highlights that the Trudeau government’s strategy to attract international students, part of broader immigration initiatives such as the Startup Visa Canada, is having unexpected repercussions on Canada’s higher education and public sentiment towards immigration. This policy has overburdened the postsecondary education infrastructure and is gradually eroding the general support for immigration. While some international students receive a high standard of education, a significant number find themselves in lower-tier private institutions more interested in issuing work permits than in educational standards. This shift has unintentionally reduced support for broader immigration policies, evidenced by studies showing an increase in Canadians who believe the immigration rate is too high. Intriguingly, a recent poll indicates that even many immigrants feel that Canada admits too many newcomers, a sentiment that could undermine the Liberals' standing with these communities.

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