Changes in Interim Work Permits for International Graduates in Canada

Canada has recently announced a significant extension to the validity period of interim work authorization letters granted to international graduates awaiting decisions on their work permits. Previously confined to a 120-day window, this duration has now been elongated to 180 days by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). These authorization letters offer international graduates the invaluable opportunity to engage in full-time employment while awaiting adjudication on their work permits. However, applicants must ensure they submitted their applications prior to the expiration of their study permits and satisfy specific criteria. These criteria encompass the possession of a valid study permit during the application process, successful completion of academic studies, adherence to off-campus work regulations, and compliance with stipulated work hour limitations. It's noteworthy that individuals in possession of interim work authorization can maintain their employment status even if they briefly depart and re-enter Canada, although a valid temporary resident visa may be requisite.

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