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Price 15 350 $US

Paying for tuition at a business institute

Payment in installments will vary based on the number of family members accompanying you
Once you arrive in Canada under the Start-up Visa immigration program, it is a requirement to be a part of a business incubator for a duration of one year. The cost of membership will vary depending on the specific business incubator you choose, with prices starting from $250 CA per month.

While you have the option to complete the immigration paperwork on your own, if you require assistance, you can seek the help of an immigration agent. The cost of their services will depend on the agent you choose to work with.

Please note that the information provided is a general interpretation and the specific costs and terms may vary depending on factors such as location, chosen business incubator, and the immigration agent's fees.

Immigration costs:

State fees:

from 4 900 $US
190 $US
1 595 $US
570 $US
2 195 $US
For one
Family of 3

15 350 $US
17 410 $US

Business consultant services

Medical examination in the clinic

IELTS language testing


Immigration Application Processing

Obtaining the right of permanent residence
8 000 $US
from 4 900 $US
8 000 $US
210 $US
85 $US
380 $US
255 $US
370 $US
1 100 $US
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